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Sarah fitting shingle


Welcome to my Blogs

With decades of community building, living a natural lifestyle, rural crafts, self-sufficiency and restoration behind me I've finally started writing.

Big thanks to everyone who has nudged, cajoled, guided, inspired and finally shovelled me into the 21st century.    

Sarah Partridge Natural Builder, Teacher, Co-founder and Centre Manager of Orchard Barn

9th July 2018 That Lightbulb Moment

4th July 2018 Adventures in Ellie

27th June 2018 Spruce up your Sprockets

26th June 2018 Fingerprints in Time

24th June 2018 Making Hay whilst the Sun Shines

23rd June 2018 Repairing the Past

20th June 2018 Digging the Dirt

11th June 2018 Necessity is the Mother of Invention

9th June 2018 Through the Mill

shingle roof