We work with local volunteers on conservation projects


It is the time, energy and expertise of local volunteers that underpins everything we do at Orchard Barn - from conservation projects in our traditional orchard, work on and around the barn, to helping to renovate local woodland.

We now offer working parties on 3 week-days - each with a different focus, plus one Saturday/month.

Tuesdays - developing the vegetable growing areas

Wednesdays - 3 days a month practical site development as well as helping our local woodsman with the renovation of ancient woodland 1 day/month - wood days are 25th Jan, 22nd Feb, 29th March (not 22nd), 19th April, 17th May, 21st June 2017

Thursdays - greenwood working

Saturdays 28th Jan, 25th Feb, 25th March, 29th April, 27th May, 24th June 2017 More photos in Volunteer album on Facebook.

The majority of projects we undertake utilise hand tools. There are many advantages to these traditional, low-tech ways of working:-

  • Increased fitness
  • Encourages teamwork
  • Skills development
  • Quieter - we can talk, or listen to the sounds of nature
  • Kinder on the wildlife
  • No polluting fumes
  • Slower, mindful - helps counteract stress
  • Greater satisfaction
  • Keeps old skills alive and practiced
  Volunteers enjoying tea break in woods