Orchard Barn Volunteers explain why ...

Mike Taylor shows visitors the new craft room

I started volunteering in September 2017 to work in the garden on Tuesdays.  I was immediately made very welcome and have greatly enjoyed the work, the company and the setting since then.  Looking back, it is pleasing how much we have achieved as a team.  We will continue to keep busy throughout the winter in order to be ready for a very productive year in 2018.  If you wish to join us, I am confident that you will enjoy a similarly positive experience. Sean McCoughlin 19.12.2017

Volunteering at Orchard Barn has enabled me to work together with like-minded, environmentally thoughtful and friendly people. I have learned a lot about organic gardening on Tuesdays and have helped to produce shingles for the new craft room roof on Wednesdays.  I have met some very interesting people, have improved my physical and mental health as well as gaining a vast amount of knowledge about many ethical subjects. It has been a pleasurable experience working with such a good bunch of people at a wonderfully restored and beautiful rustic barn. Thank you for allowing me to join in with this experience. Cara Durrant 18.12.2017

I’ve enjoyed 2017 volunteering at Orchard Barn and if not for the distance would have spent more time with you and the team, and it is an excellent team.

I’ve shared and gained new skills and experiences but what was the highlight? The craft room? The open day? On balance it is probably working in Raydon Wood helping Graham and Steve on the last Wednesday of the month. Hard graft, exhausting work, flora, fauna, splinters but in a beautiful setting helping in the transformation and sustainability of a magnificent woodland environment. Of course the barbeque for lunch helps too! Mike Taylor 21.12.2017

Volunteering at Orchard Barn has a whole host of benefits. Keeping fit, making friends, learning new outdoor skills and the satisfaction that comes from knowing you're involved in a project that will benefit others for many years to come.  I would recommend volunteering there to anyone. DF 1.1.2018

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