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Project title: Caring for the Built Heritage of the Brecks

Organisation and delivery: Orchard Barn

12 Day Schools: 465 training days delivered

Funded by: Heritage Lottery

Partnership: Breaking New Ground

Location: West Stow Anglo Saxon Village, Suffolk, UK

Duration: October 2014 - April 2016

Orchard Barn's Brief: To design and deliver 12 day schools focused on vernacular building skills using locally sourced natural materials

For: Home-owners and professionals

Aim: Skills and community development

Building: Outdoor seating, one featured with shingle roof and hand converted timber frame

Materials: Timber Frame - Brecks Oaks (felled, hewn and converted by hand), Rafters - Elm poles, Shingles and Battens - Sweet Chestnut (hand cleft), Seats - solid Oak, Wattle - coppiced  Hazel, Daub infil - clayrich subsoil and straw, Clay Render - clay and sand, Foundations - flint, lime, sand and brick, Footings - lime and ballast.

Methods: Traditional hand tools, skills using human energy

Video: Natural Building Project

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  A natural building from the landscape 
Building community using natural materials