Listening to the Land - a Writers Retreat

Orchard Barn invites writers (from sapling to seasoned) to join us for a day of Writers Retreat in 'Listening to the Land'. The land here holds ancient and ancestral memories, stories to tell and a deep connection for those who come seeking. This land holds a place of silence where peace and tranquility soothes souls and inspires writers; be it letters, poems, memoirs, reflectors, stories of journals. Our land is a wonderful springboard for magical thinking, imagination, dreaming or serious contemplation. For some it also provides a deep healing place of respite and rest for the weary soul. As with all meaningful relationships, when we listen deeply, we naturally share our unique response in reciprocity. In relationship with the land, this can be through conscious intentions, silent prayers, written words and verbally shared experiences (optional).

Our day will be fluid to the needs of the group and the weather. It will begin with introductions and an interactive tour of the land and site, a brief meditation, and time to sit and write on the land, or in the restored buildings depending on weather and preferences We will have the opportunity to gather in circle at the conclusion of the day to briefly share our written words if we choose and/or provide a little feedback to the group and your hosts, Sarah Partridge of Orchard Barn and Valerie Dawn of Canada.

When: Saturday 15th June 2019

Time: 10.00-4.00

Where: Mostly on the land at Orchard Barn

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  writers in old orchard