Timber Frame Repairs course at Orchard Barn


Nick lives in the adjacent parish of Battisford and is restoring an 18th century cottage. He needed to learn practical timber frame repair techniques so that he could undertake repairs to his home, so he booked himself onto a course at Orchard Barn.

In this short video Nick describes a traditional timber frame repair technique called a scarf joint that he is learning from Traditional Oak Carpenter and tutor Rick Lewis.

Nick cut away the decayed wood and crafted a new 'foot' in locally sourced green oak. This was no mean feat since the core of the oak gate post was as hard as nails, and Nick was using a hand-saw and chisel. However it did demonstrate the durability and longevity of oak! The post was returned to St Mary's Church-yard at West Stow in Suffolk where it should be good for another hundred years.

Course dates: 29-30th June 2017

Tutor:  Rick Lewis

Timing: 9.30am-4.00pm

Venue: Orchard Barn, Ringshall, Mid Suffolk, IP14 2LY

Course fee: 190 includes IHBC CPD certificate. 

To book your place:
01473-658193 / 07766-054042

  Nick learns timber frame repairs at Orchard Barn