Roundwood Timber Frame and Shingle Roof construction course


Learn how to construct a cart lodge frame and clasp purlin roof with trees in the round

  • Work with non standard locally sourced timbers
  • Get involved in the construction of a vernacular style cart lodge frame
  • Work in a small group to build a roof frame
  • Discover how to cleave coppice woodland material into battens and shingles
  • Use traditional greenwood and carpentry hand tools
  • Practice a wide range of skills that you will find transfer well into your own projects
Dates: 16-20th April 2018
Timing: 9.30-4.00
Venue: Orchard Barn, Far Ringshall, Mid Suffolk, IP14 2LY
Tutors: Rick Lewis of Traditional Oak Carpentry and the Orchard Barn team
Course Fee
  Roundwood roof with handcleft shingles

This course is designed for homeowners, natural builders, architects, surveyors or anyone with an interest in learning low tech construction using local trees and a traditional approach.

Roundwood roof and handcleft shingles