Restorative Fruit Tree Pruning Course

This workshop is led by Dr Anna Baldwin who has extensive experience in teaching fruit tree pruning. 

There will be an introduction to tree renovation, followed by a demonstration and then a practical session where participants will be able to prune, under supervision, the apple trees in the orchard.  The principles also apply to pear trees.

Safety equipment and tools will be provided.  Please bring some lunch and a hot drink.

(The workshop does not cover cherry or plums, formative or maintenance pruning of young trees or renovation of neglected cordons or espaliers)

Please bring what you would normally prune with, including secateurs and sharpening tool, pruning saw and gloves if possible.  Wear warm clothes and strong footwear.  Bring photos of your trees for individual advice.

Tutor: Dr Anna Baldwin is an orchard enthusiast.  She is passionate about saving old traditional orchards and teaching old skills including pruning fruit trees and grafting.  She has learnt the art of how to identify apple and pear varieties

Date: Friday 21st January 2022

Timing: 10.00-3.30

Course fee: 55 per person

Please email expressions of interest to

Course Fee



Overgrown old apple tree