Timber Frame Restoration Skills at Orchard Barn


This course will help you understand your timber frame and how to best maintain, repair or restore it using materials that are compatable with its age. We can teach you how to assess the condition of and repair your vintage wattle and daub panels, timber frame, clay lump or lime render. Our Restoration Skills course can also help you identify why your old house is damp and how to remedy it.

  • Understand why old buildings need to breathe
  • Learn about the lime cycle and how to use lime mortar and render
  • Undertake sympathetic repairs
  • Avoid costly mistakes and preserve the value of your traditional building
  • Make informed choices when discussing repair schedule
  • Save money by learning how to undertake some repairs yourself, or become more confident instructing your builder
  • Find out where to dig your own daub, or how to coppice hazel for wattles
  • Learn how to make new clay lump blocks for repairs
  • Discovery where to source, and how to use green oak for timber framing/repairs

Dates: Mon 30th April - Fri 4th May 2018

Timing: 9.30am-4.00pm

Venue: Orchard Barn, Ringshall, Suffolk, UK, IP14 2LY

Suitable for: Professionals (Architects, Surveyors, Conservation Officers), Builders, Home-owners or anyone with an interest in Heritage Buildings and understanding them from the inside out!

Teachers: Mike McConnell, Rory Sumerling, Rick Lewis, Sarah Partridge

Course Fee

  timber frame and wattle and daub