Project Manager Vacancy (total of 35 days/freelance)

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Tressle sawingMedieval style timber framing

grand-dad and grand-daughter using two handled saw at Orchard Barn

Facilitate intergenerational learning!

hand conversion of log into sole plate

Hand conversion of trees into timber

artist impression of Suffolk long house being reinstated at Orchard Barn

Artist's impression of Long House

old school saw teeth

The cutting teeth of old school saws - ready for more action!


Project Manager for HLF funded Medieval style timber framing/repairs and supervising volunteers

OBee CIC has been awarded 4,400 to pay a Freelance Project Manager 120/day for 35 days

Project duration: start 1.6.2019 complete 30.3.2020

To project manage up to 25 days of training in medieval style timber framing – hand conversion of trees into timber and the undertaking of timber frame repairs of 500 year old timbers.

Liaise with HLF regarding project delivery, ensure delivery according to submitted bid, create budget in line with funding, keep records of spending, people involved, in-kind contributions, delivery and produce an end of project report

Medieval style carpenter(s)
Write person specification for a) freelance person(s) to undertake training of volunteers and community in traditional timber frame repairs of 500 year old timbers using medieval style hand tools b) freelance person(s) to undertake training of volunteers and community in the hand conversion of trees to specific timbers needed for reinstatement of Long House.

Recruit and appoint person(s) described above
Negotiate training dates with trainers
Organise safe extraction of timbers from Long House

Materials and tools:
Source green oak for repairs from local woods
Source “wonky” shaped trees for hand conversion in woods
Source equipment for hand conversion and transport to woods
Source appropriate tools and determine where gaps are and purchase within budget

Project PR:
Work with a volunteer to design posters and leaflets to promote learning opportunities
Ensure HLF logo is present on all PR materials pertaining to this project (inc videos taken by volunteers for YouTube)
Obtain quotes for printing
Oversee the distribution of posters and leaflets locally by volunteers
Write and promote learning opportunities on social media (twitter, facebook, instagram)
Write and promote to existing email contacts
Encourage and support other volunteers to write articles for parish magazines
Oversee informal social media training by a volunteer for volunteers and new learners
Oversee the fortnightly video update by volunteer is posted to YouTube
Write one Case Study of new volunteer’s experience
Keep Orchard Barn web site up to date with project progress
Organise and co-ordinate a one-day event to promote the project

Ensure achievements are celebrated
Erect HLF sign to acknowledge support for the project

Recruit learners/participants
From 1) existing volunteer group 2) local community 3) local groups 4) local college 5) village fetes
Write Risk Assessments
Undertake Induction and Safe practice
Facilitate group(s)
Get written feedback from learners/participants
Collate feedback and write reports
Involve students of CPD courses in the project
Going forward beyond this project, encourage medieval timber framer learners to utilise their skills by repairing further timbers and converting more trees

Oversee volunteers to work with new learners/participants in uncovering the remains of the Long House
Health and Safety
Identify findings
Oversee the labelling, photographs and recording of findings and store safely

Skills required:
•    Research, interpersonal, public relations skills
•    IT skills inc Excel
•    Good time-management and organisation skills
•    Group facilitation
•    Social media
•    Video making

Working knowledge required:
•    Long House reinstatement
•    Sourcing trees for building
•    Medieval carpentry techniques, tools, processes

The applicant must be freelance and responsible for their own tax and NI.
Flexibility is required with the delivery of this project. Most of the days will need to be spent either at Orchard Barn or in the woods, but some could be undertaken from home.
It is expected that the applicant will be responsible for managing their own time and ensuring all of the above is carried out during the 35 days of paid time.

Please submit your application letter outlining why you would be suitable for this post to:

This post will be advertised from 8th April 2019
Closing date for applications is 26th April 2018
Interview date will be 8th May 2019
The successful applicant will need to be available to start immediately
Own transport and IT equipment essential