Greenwood - the solution to the plastic problem - 1 day course


Plastic is the curse of the modern age, firstly because it is absolutely everywhere and everything we use seems to be made out of it, and secondly because it never rots away.

All of the plastic objects we now find in our homes, gardens, kitchens and bathrooms, however, have ancestors which were made of natural materials and which were used quite happily for many centuries before plastic was even thought of. 

On this course, you will learn the green woodworking skills of riving (controlled splitting), hewing (shaping with an axe), shaving (with a drawknife)  and greenwood joinery and use them to make simple, domestic objects out of green wood which can replace the plastic in your life.

Whether you make a plate, a carved bowl, a tapas dish/nibbles dish, a cooking spoon, a spatula or a chopping board, we guarantee that nothing you make will end up in a Whale's belly…. Ever!

All tools and tuition provided, but bring your own tools if you have them.

There will be a small extra charge for materials for any object you take home.

Date: 25th May 2019

Timing: 9.30-4.00

Tutor: Will Wall

Course Fee

wooden bowls