FOR SALE - Hand Crafted Oak Bench

At Orchard Barn we enjoy crafting items from raw materials. This bench is a great example. It has been made by Clive in a traditional way using hand tools - auger, axe, draw knife and plane.The solid Oak seat has a natural shaped live-edge. Ash legs are tenoned through the seat, held in places with seasoned wedges. This sturdy 2-seater has an Cherry Plum back that is pegged in place. In addition to the above, this bench has a drink stand. It is well oiled with natural linseed and smells wonderful.

The wood has been sourced locally and used green. Oak came from Raydon Great Wood. Ash and Cherry Plum from our own orchard.

This unique bench was priced at 225, but in order to make space for new benches is now priced at 150 to go to new and kind home.

To arrange viewing please email  Local delivery can be arranged, but is extra.




  Hand crafte oak bench