New barn doors for Orchard Barn

The Ash tree in the photograph below grew in Bradfield Woods just 8 miles from Orchard Barn. It was felled in order to let more light into the woods and would have been converted into great firewood if Orchard Barn hadn't bought the tree and had it planked up.

The tree was milled by David Davison of Pakenham into 1" thick boards using a mobile Lucas mill. The boards were air-dried in the orchard for four years before being made into our barn doors. Rick Lewis taught a group of Traditional Carpentry students. After 3 days the doors were constructed and hung.

We replicated the exact size and ratio of the original doors. We even re-used the hinges. However the pintels that the doors hang on are new - they were made by our local blacksmith.

The woods are our favourite timber store!

Suffolk woodland

  Barn doors