Suffolk County Council Greenest County Award Winner

In 2014 we won the Greenest County award for helping prepare for Climate Change. Orchard Barn is off-grid by design (watch video)

Preparing for climate change starts by learning how to become self-reliant in water, toilet facilities and energy. Visitors  learn first hand how this works.

Rainwater is harvested from our roofs. We have installed six 1000L IBC tanks, situated above ground - mostly to the north of the main barn so that they aren't in direct sunlight. We use this water in our building courses and projects as well as for watering the vegetable plots and newly planted trees.

Our compost toilets are water free. We keep solids and liquids separate. That way they don't smell.  Urine is a great activator for our compost heaps!

Instead of fossil fuel or mains electricity, we utilise human energy and get fitter using a wide range of traditional tools and techniques.

We work with our local community to provide skills and examples that enable us all to lead more sustainable lives.

   Orchard Barn award winner for climate change